MCX wins European tender DAB Vloot

In August 2009, following a European tender, DAB Fleet awarded MCX the contract for hosting and managing its Oracle E-Business Suite.

DAB Vloot is a Flemish government service (Separate Management Service) which is responsible for concreting and beaconing the navigable waters of the Belgian coast as well as the Westerschelde. A few years ago this service decided to implement the Oracle E-Business Suite in its organisation. From the outset, DAB Vloot recognised that the hosting and technical application management was too specialised to do in-house and therefore decided to outsource the entire technical application management and hosting to a partner.  After termination of the initial contract, a new European tender was issued. Key requirements were the technical competencies and experiences of the new partner, especially since DAB Vloot had decided to upgrade to a higher version at the same time as selecting a new partner. MCX's tender was considered very positive, both in terms of price and the chosen architecture and hosting solution.


Latest news

Bash-bug update pt. 3

MCX has performed a check on all servers to see whether the Shellshock bug has been used to gain access. The check revealed no break-in attempts.

Bash-bug update pt. 2

All servers have been updated and the security bug has been fix. The patch has been applied successfully. This Monday (9-29-2014) we will verify if the leak has been used to gain access. If this should be the case, then we will contact the relevant customers.

Bash-bug update

Last night the final fix for the bash bug (alias Shellshock) has been released. MCX has updated all servers, for which we do Operating System management. We will also perform a check on all servers to validate the patch. We will let you know the outcome when this is finished.


Since last night a bug has been made public that concerns the Linux programbash. Today the MCX team has put a lot effort in fixing this bug by applying a patch from the vendor. This patch has been successfully applied on all servers, both MCX internal as customer servers (remote and hosted).


On June 2nd a bug has been discovered in the GnuTLS source code. Under certain circumstances this bug allows PC's to execute arbitrary code. These PC's have to be in contact with a server that uses GnuTLS software.