About MCX

About MCX

MCX believes in the power of specialists
The things you care about deserve the highest possible quality standard. We are convinced that each task can be best performed by a specialist. We have been the experts in the technical management of Oracle Applications since 1999. Each one of our 16 management specialists ensure your requirements and interest are put first. Knowledge, innovation and partnership are our core principles.
We will always ensure that our clients get value for money, always. Motivated by the possibilities of technology, we do what we enjoy and what we are good at. Our ultimate goal is to enable our clients to grow their businesses through IT. For a fixed monthly fee, our clients get the best possible quality. We aim high, and you can be sure that your systems will always perform optimally. We are convinced of this approach is successful. It is not without reason that we have a long-lasting relationship with many of our clients.

MCX is the technical management specialist in:

  • PeopleSoft Campus Solutions
  • Oracle E-Business Suite
  • Oracle Financial Services Revenue Management and Billing
  • Primavera
  • SQL database management

Your technical management is in our capable hands
Your technical management is in our capable hands We monitor the quality of our services with the greatest care. Our management system complies with ISO norms 27001:2013, 9001, 14001, the level 3 CSR Performance Ladder and NEN 7510.Care of the environment is also firmly established in our daily activities, like CO2 reduction for example. Additionally, MCX is SOC2 Type II and SOC3 certified. The SOC3 report can be downloaded here.
Application portfolio
Nothing changes as fast as IT, and the range of products offered by a strong brand like Oracle is constantly expanding. We respond to these trends and adapt our expertise accordingly. Originally, we specialised mainly in the technical management of the Oracle E-Business Suite. We have now expanded our knowledge and expertise to other applications like: Peoplesoft, Weblogic and Primavera. Our objective is to offer the technical management of all Oracle applications. Experience has shown that our clients are more and more dependent on different technologies. This is why MCX also offers the management of databases like SQL server, PostgreSQL and MySQL. Clients already know MCX as a reliable management partner of Oracle technology and asked us to include other products as well.  

Support now and in the future
We have adjusted our Application Management Framework to incorporate the expansion of our portfolio. This means that we can offer you the automated management of all value-add applications and technologies, now and in the future. This framework is continuously improved and optimised by our team of developers. In addition, we continue to develop our Gisco self-service portal. This platform allows you to perform a number of actions, making the need of the MCX service desk superfluous. The platform supports the following operations:
• requesting a file version number;
• requesting a trace file (including tkprof);
• overview and status of the environments;
• possibility to stop and start (parts of) the application;
• running SQL scripts directly on the database, without accessing the server; and
• an overview of when the environment has been cloned (refreshed) and when the next clone will be done.