PeopleSoft automates administrative processes and is one of the most popular ERP systems. Under the name "Application Unlimited" Oracle guarantees lifetime support for PeopleSoft in the future. From Human Capital Management to Supply Chain Management, PeopleSoft offers an ERP system for every discipline. In addition to standard applications, Oracle has also designed industry specific solutions, such as Campus Solutions.

Campus Solutions
Campus Solutions runs and processes all student information within your education institution. This includes student enrolment, learning plans, scheduling, and support for students throughout the student life cycle. Campus Solutions also fulfills the important prerequisite of tying in with changing legislation and new developments. We ensure your Education Management Information System, with all its characteristic features, is flawlessly managed.

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Oracle E-Business Suite

Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) is an integrated system for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). It provides the option of connecting different information flows within organisations and as such ensures businesses are fully automated. Oracle EBS offers integrated modules for all secondary processes, including HRM, Finance and Logistics, resulting in a central database with up-to-date and consistent data. You don't have the time or the inclination to worry about managing Oracle EBS? We will ensure it is managed optimally.

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Oracle Financial Services Revenue Management and Billing

Oracle Financial Services Revenue Management and Billing is a modern billing application for financial institutions, the insurance industry and care establishments. The application is built on a hundred per cent Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).

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Primavera is an Enterprise Project Portfolio management software. The software includes project and product management, collaboration and monitoring capabilities and integrates with other enterprise software, such as the Oracle E-Business Suite. MCX offers Primavera is a service in a private cloud. Therefore there is no need to worry about hosting, technical management or security, but the control over its functionality is guaranteed. We like to help you with the implementation and management of this application. 

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