Cliff Godwin is more balanced at Alliance 2018: “End of life E-Business Suite not yet in sight”
Jun 04, 2018 |

As I mentioned in my previous blog, we were going to attend Alliance in Salt Lake City in March this year. During this three-day conference, more than 350 user-driven sessions were held about the use of Oracle applications in the education market. More than 3,500 participants had registered in total and although most attendees were from the United States, The Netherlands were well represented with a delegation of approximately 30. Besides user-driven sessions Oracle also…

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​OBUG Apps Connected: the main learning points highlighted
Jul 04, 2017 |

April was marked by the OBUG (Oracle Benelux User Group) user conference, entitled 'Apps Connected'. Or, as the OBUG puts it: "The ultimate opportunity for knowledge exchange (inform), networks (connect) and finding the right information (support) and above all being informed about the latest Oracle developments". Last year the OBUG was hosted in the Netherlands, this year Antwerp in Belgium was chosen as its location.

Networking and getting up to speed

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​Informative days in Las Vegas (part 2)
Jun 29, 2017 |

Author: Jean-Francois Bloem

In my previous blog I have already mentioned many important, but general conclusions from The Alliance, which took place this year in the world’s biggest gambling city, Las Vegas. I have written, that besides the roadmap session MCX also attended substantive and technical sessions. Below you will find a summary of the highlights:
Crystal Reports
As you have probably already heard, PeopleTools…

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​Informative days in Las Vegas (part 1)
Apr 05, 2017 |

Author: Jean-Francois Bloem
In March we attended The Alliance, the annual event of HEUG (Higher Education User Group), which this year was held in Las Vegas. A nice trip, in which we heard, saw and learned a lot about the latest on the Student Information System (SIS) of Oracle/PeopleSoft; Campus Solutions. In this blog, I will be happy to update you on the latest developments.
The future of Oracle:…

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Two major challenges around Oracle and education
Nov 11, 2016 |

In the autumn of 2016 the focus has been on the participation in various HEUG events. Recently we attended HEUG EMEA, and in November we were involved in HEUG Arab, and the DEUG meeting in Diemen (The Netherlands). In short, it is time for us to share as much knowledge as possible on Oracle PeopleSoft and the Oracle E-Business Suite. In this blog, I will highlight two important developments.

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Managing education information systems is just like getting a suit tailor-made.
Nov 08, 2016 |

Managing education information systems is just like getting a suit tailor-made. You know more or less how the suit is made, but the exact process and what is done when things go wrong, is often unclear. An important consideration in this type of situation is to decide whether you make your own or commission a tailor - the specialist - to make it for you. Many education institutions engage an external system administrator. Whilst one…

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Trainee at MCX: learn from the experts!
Sep 21, 2016 |

It has been four months since I started as an Oracle IT trainee at MCX. I realised how much I liked ICT when I was in my previous job. Since I was ready for a new challenge, I welcomed the timely message from a friend about MCX's search for trainees! Although my degree in Technical Business Administration wasn't fully in line with the specialty of MCX, my motivation to work in the industry must have…

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More challenges where it comes to managing IT education systems
Jun 05, 2016 |

In my previous blog I highlighted a number of important challenges faced by many technical administrators in education institutions. I referred to data that is available 24x7, continuity and user satisfaction. The reality shows that more challenges exist. Below you can read about another three.
1.            Do more with less
Education institutions have to do more with less. This means that schools need to take major steps forward to work optimally…

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​Cloud computing – not always the Holy Grail
May 13, 2016 |

Computable recently reported that the software sector is back on the rise. The Dutch bank ABN AMRO attributes this growth largely to cloud computing much to the benefit of software developers. In general, the feedback on cloud computing is positive, just as the Computable article says: pay per use, scalable, and usually providing an all-inclusive service with regard to its management. However, it is important not to follow the cloud-hype blindly, since it also has…

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​IT Outsourcing: from adolescent to adult
Apr 15, 2016 |

The term outsourcing was born in 1981. In those days we didn't yet think about outsourcing our IT management or IT infrastructure, but focused on the outsourcing of our generic business processes instead. Today outsourcing is mainly used by companies to guarantee the continuity and performance of their IT systems, to be compliant and to agree on specific SLAs. The market is in development, but what stage are we in?
In the…

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