Cliff Godwin is more balanced at Alliance 2018: “End of life E-Business Suite not yet in sight”
Jun 04, 2018 | As I mentioned in my previous blog, we were going to attend Alliance in Salt Lake City in March this year. During this three-day conference, more than 350 user-driven sessions were held about the use of Oracle applications in the education market. More than 3,500 participants had registered in total and although most attendees were from the United States, The Netherlands were well represented with a delegation of approximately 30. Besides user-driven sessions Oracle also held a few presentations, for example, the roadmap of PeopleSoft Campus Solutions and the Oracle E-Business Suite. You will understand that I couldn't attend all 350 sessions, but I would like to share the main conclusions of the sessions I followed.

The future of Campus Solutions
What Oracle said about the future of Campus Solutions was somewhat more balanced than last year. Back then, they stated that everything would be transferred to Student Cloud. This year, however, it became clear that Campus Solutions would continue to be further developed. In terms of releases, the universities and institutes in The Netherlands are ahead of the USA. In The Netherlands, and even in Europe, version 9.2 is implemented or is being implemented, many institutions in the United States still need to take this step.

End of life E-Business Suite not yet in sight
For nearly 20 years Cliff Godwin has been in charge of the development of the Oracle E-Business Suite. As a Senior Vice President of Applications Development and a member of the 'Higher' Management Team, he is one of the most prominent persons within Oracle, and is always an interesting speaker! Early on in his presentation it became clear that the Oracle E-Business Suite will continue running next to the Cloud SaaS solution of Oracle. Hybrid solutions of on-premise and Cloud applications are the future, rather than a complete cloud solution. It was Cliff Godwin's straight-forward opinion that the Oracle E-Business Suite is definitely not "end of life". The support of Release 12.1.3 runs until December 2021 at least, probably even longer.

R12.3, or R12.X as referred to in the presentation, will offer an entirely new technology stack, both for databases and middleware. In other words, the further development of the Oracle E-Business Suite is still going strong. This version is likely to be released around mid 2020, where its premier support will continue to run until 2030 at least.

Chatbots and AI
Cliff Godwin also touched upon the subjects of Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in his presentation, which Oracle will continue to develop, to enable easier viewing of search terms and definitions. Right now, this technology is implemented in the i-Procurement and Asset Management modules.

The last ten minutes of Cliff Godwin's presentation covered the benefits of the Oracle PaaS, IaaS and DaaS solutions, an Oracle requirement as it seems. Some attendees were familiar with this and the lack of new content caused some of the attendees to leave the room early. Nevertheless, we have grown a little wiser of Cliff Godwin's presentation and can conclude that Oracle also realise that they blew their trumpet a little too loud last year.

Of course, there is still much more information to share about Alliance. In our next blog, my colleague Johan van Veen, will investigate the PeopleSoft Roadmap in further detail. Björn Verheij will walk you through the topic of Elastic Search (logstash and Kibana), and he will also share what he learnt about Oracle Support PeopleTools via the cloud.

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