​Informative days in Las Vegas (part 1)
Apr 05, 2017 | Author: Jean-Francois Bloem
In March we attended The Alliance, the annual event of HEUG (Higher Education User Group), which this year was held in Las Vegas. A nice trip, in which we heard, saw and learned a lot about the latest on the Student Information System (SIS) of Oracle/PeopleSoft; Campus Solutions. In this blog, I will be happy to update you on the latest developments.
The future of Oracle: IaaS, PaaS & SaaS
As you are probably aware, Oracle will focus on laaS, PaaS and SaaS this year. At The Alliance, the Cloud took centre stage. Of course, Oracle is trying to get as many clients as possible on to their SaaS solution. But, at the same time, it was explicitly said that Oracle has many clients who will never transfer to cloud computing, simply because their business model doesn't allow it. Oracle bears this in mind, and will continue to support the on-premise solution for these companies.
During a more substantive session on Cloud Strategy, IaaS more in particular, its benefits, not surprisingly, were presented once more. However, we were astonished by the answer to the question on Recovery Time Objective (RTO), which was pushed back at first, as Oracle believes it is the client's responsibility. In our opinion, this is only partly true. The underlying infrastructure is the responsibility of Oracle. MCX wouldn't be MCX if we didn't ask more questions. The answers were unsatisfactory as they didn't know. It seems that Oracle, in terms of sales, still has a long way to go.
Oracle Campus Solutions

There are developments in relation to Campus Solutions which I would like to share:
At The Alliance there were talks between various institutions and Oracle. Oracle indicated that educational institutions may in the long-term transfer to the Oracle Student Cloud. Yet, it was interesting to hear that a lot of institutions found that hard to accept. Which is understandable, as their many years of investment in the current product would be nullified. At this moment, it is unfortunately not known to what extent Oracle will force the choice for Student Cloud.

In short, we spent very informative days in the world's largest gambling city, and besides the roadmap session, we also attended various substantive and technical sessions. I would like to share my main findings in the next blog. You will find it here

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