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Trainee at MCX: learn from the experts!

It has been four months since I started as an Oracle IT trainee at MCX. I realised how much I liked ICT when I was in my previous job. Since I was ready for a new challenge, I welcomed the timely message from a friend about MCX's search for trainees! Although my degree in Technical Business Administration wasn't fully in line with the specialty of MCX, my motivation to work in the industry must have been convincing. Today I'm sure that this step has been the right career change for me.

Two weeks before my first working day at MCX I was invited to join the annual personnel event: an extremely good start! What followed was an interesting, and most of all, nice weekend. It was not only a fun way to meet the entire team, for me it was also a sign that MCX takes good care of its employees. Because MCX also allows you to work at home, this personnel gathering was very practical for me. I got to know all my colleagues, including those who spend less time in the office. And there are quite a few colleagues who work remotely. Flexibility is key at MXC. You are expected to be flexible as an employee, however, you can also be flexible when planning your working week.

As far as I'm concerned, I'm in the office most of the time. This is linked to the fact that as a new starter I still need to acquire the necessary knowledge and experience which I learn from the existing team of specialists. Besides that, the atmosphere in the office is always nice and colleagues are often willing to share their experience and knowledge. As a new employee you are teamed up with a few employees who will supervise you: you first observe how they work and then gradually take over their tasks. Because all my colleagues took the time to help me and were very supportive, I felt welcome immediately. When you show a 100% commitment, there is ample support and time for questions. I also get plenty of space for personal development, for example through the different courses on offer.

So far I attended courses on SQL and Oracle databases, which are available at Oracle itself. I first started with the installation of an Oracle database in my test environment, which deepened my knowledge about SQL and Linux at the same time. With the necessary support I then upgraded a database in a customer's test environment. This caused a few exciting moments because you don't want to make mistakes, not even in a test environment. Fortunately there was always a colleague near me to answer a question, when metaphorically speaking, I stood there, wiping the sweat off my brow.

Right now, together with an experienced colleague, I'm installing RMB (Oracle Revenue Management and billing) on an MCX demo machine. RMB is a new package, not only to me, but also to the customer, MCX and Oracle. Going through the documentation is therefore a must to get the installation right. This is an excellent project for me as it deepens my knowledge from database to middleware and an application. The fun of such a large installations is that after days of reading, scripting and implementing, ultimately all pieces of the puzzle come together and a running application appears.

Looking back on these four months I have certainly become much wiser. I can say that I truly enjoy going to work. I'm aware though that I still have a lot to learn, but I hope that next year I can be proud to say that I'm part of the permanent MCX team!!!!!

Mart is 26 years old and recently joined MCX as a trainee. He writes a series of blogs in which he shares his experiences about his time as a trainee. You can contact Mart with questions through