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The silent force behind IBFD - MCX and their Private Cloud for the Oracle E-Business Suite

Few people will be familiar with IBFD and this is not surprising as the organisation operates in a niche market: international tax law. IBFD, which stands for International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation, is a Knowledge Centre that has existed since 1938, with offices in Europe, Asia and the United States of America. Their objective is to deepen knowledge of (international) tax law. One of the missions of this 200-man strong business is to clarify complex tax policy documents. Their Headquarters are located in our capital city, Amsterdam.

15 years ago IBFD engaged in a restructuring programme, which included their decision to opt for the Oracle E-Business Suite. MCX has therefore been involved in the technical management and hosting of the Oracle E-Business Suite through their Private Cloud for a long time. Ties Jongsma, IT manager at IBFD: "Initially, MCX was always involved through KPMG Advisory. Our policy had always been to contract with one partner only. As little intrusion as possible has always been the idea. When the contracts with KPMG Advisory expired, we took a different approach. Since then we have been in direct contact with MCX."

Ties describes the Oracle E-Business Suite as the backbone of the organisation. "Worldwide we may not be a huge company, but the systems and databases of Oracle are key to our business. We use the Oracle E-Business Suite for various (business-critical) aspects: financial administration, purchasing, sales, marketing, teleservices, as well as sales and management reports. It is crucial for our systems to be available 24/7, because we need to be able to access our data and content at any time."

"In all those years MCX has been able to guarantee that continuous availability", adds Daan van den Bosch, Oracle Consultant at IBFD. "Proof of our seamless collaboration is the uptime of nearly 100%. I knew MCX from my previous employer. They affirm their image as a reliable and flexible knowledge partner at IBFD too."

Both gentlemen acknowledge they enjoy the collaboration with MCX, not least of all because both parties work together on an equal footing. IBFD and MCX are true partners, not client and service provider. "Actually it makes us feel very spoilt," says Daan. "If something is wrong and I need the support of MCX, I get impatient after just half an hour if they fail to respond. In fact, it seems rather ridiculous to expect a response within half an hour. Many similar helpdesks take a day to respond. It just shows that you quickly get used to the high service levels of MCX."

Daan's findings are confirmed by Ties: "It is perfectly normal to us, but also to our staff, that all data in the Oracle E-Business Suite are always available. And that everything functions seamlessly. In that regard MCX really is a silent and indispensable force for us. They deserve to be put in the spotlight more often!"