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Remote management

Don't want to worry about the technical management of Oracle applications?

Remote management
You manage your own hardware and hosting but don't want to worry about your applications? We make it possible! Your servers will be kept in your own data centres and we will provide you with our expertise in application management. That should put your mind at rest.

  • Control of hardware and hosting
  • No need to hire technical management specialists
  • Take advantage of our expertise in application management

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Private Cloud Solutions

The scope of Oracle is changing continuously. MCX keeps pace with its development and is second to none at staying up-to-date with all activities relating to Oracle software. Of course we also offer hosting, including management in our Private Cloud. Therefore you are also relieved of the need to take care of your hardware. Our primary data centres are located in Ede and Apeldoorn, enabling smooth disaster recovery. You can be sure that your data is secure, allowing you to focus on your specialisation.
• Up-to-date knowledge of Oracle applications
• Continuity of your IT systems 
• Your data is secure and on Dutch soil
• Save costs and increase the quality of technical management
• Carefree hardware and technical management

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MCX method

Fixed price per month, fixed point of contact

Our approach has always been to offer a fully integrated management approach based on a fixed price per month . This approach avoids unnecessary discussions about additional work requirements and means we can focus on providing an effective service.
We always provide dedicated technical contacts for our customers to ensure that knowledge of their application, and customer specific details, are preserved. This also means that our consultants are always up to date and completely aware of client specific issues or requirements. This approach allows us to act as an extension of the customers’ IT department and makes us a valued partner.

Clear agreements

A “Service Level Agreement” documents all the agreements we make with you, on a tactical level, about the technical management of your Oracle application. This SLA provides you with: an overview of agreed services, desired uptime, response time (in the event of a fault) and a problem resolution timescale. The SLA is always clear and transparent.

Agreements and Procedures File

At an operational level, we make an agreement with you based on specific procedures. These include arrangements for daily tasks such as backup and cloning and also stipulate how and when to install patches as well as how to run a migration process. These agreements and procedures are established in an Agreements and Procedures File.

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Remote Management

Cloud Computing

MCX Method