HEUG Arab 2016
Nov 11, 2016 This year the third Arab Alliance will be held in Abu Dhabi UAE. This years organization's is done by Abu Dhabi University, in collaboration with many of the cutting-edge higher education institutes in the region
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​MCX becomes management partner of Thales Group
Nov 08, 2016 Thales is familiar with Oracle. In recent years, in addition to the financial modules, Thales rolled out the logistical and manufacturing modules of the Oracle E-Business Suite. The comprehensive use of an ERP package makes its technical management more critical than ever. To ensure continuity, the organisation decided to outsource its technical management. Following a research and selection process of about a year and a half, the choice ultimately fell on MCX as a management…
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MCX teams up with Koç University (Istanbul)
Sep 29, 2016 In 2013 Koç University decided to implement PeopleSoft Campus Solutions as their Student Information System. A year after going live, however, the university faced performance issues during the enrolment periods. Following the advice of CY2 and Oracle, they contacted MCX, who subsequently sent some of their consultants to Koç University for a 'no cure no pay' performance-analysis. Within two weeks the problems were resolved. As a result, Koç University felt confident about outsourcing its technical…
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​Oracle EBS Enhancement Request (ER): Signon Profile Options
Aug 22, 2016 One of MCX' clients would like to tighten up access to their Oracle EBS application by enhancing the custom use of password complexity. At present Oracle EBS relies on Signon Password profile options for this. However the profile option "Signon Password Hard To Guess" implements a fixed set of three password complexity rules, which unfortunately cannot be adjusted. These rules are:

- The password must contains at least 1 letter and at…
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