OpenSSL - ssl-bug
Jul 14, 2015 On July 9th a new bug in the OpenSSL libraries has been published. This bug is applicable to OpenSSL versions 1.0.2b, 1.0.2c, 1.0.1n en 1.0.1o. MCX has done an analysis on their servers including servers for which we perform remote management. The mentioned versions were not found. No customer servers are vulnerable.

If you have additional questions please contact MCX at +31555260670 and ask for our Security Officer.
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Medisch Spectrum Twente extends its current contract
Jun 30, 2015 Since 2009 MCX has provided remote management of the Oracle E-Business Suite for Medisch Spectrum Twente, a medical centre in Enschede (NL). Recently, Medisch Spectrum Twente extended the current contract with MCX to include Oracle E-Business Suite hosting in a Private Cloud.
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Province of Drenthe awards project to MCX once again
Jun 11, 2015 In May 2015 the province of Drenthe called for tenders for the technical application management of the Oracle E-Business Suite and all Oracle databases. The province of Drenthe already assigned a project to MCX back in 2011 and with this project will renew their collaboration.
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OpenSSL - Logjam security bug
May 22, 2015 On May 20th a bug in the OpenSSL library has been published under the name Logjam. This bug allows an attacker to force a lower encryption cipher on an encrypted connection than previously agreed upon between server and client. This increases the likelihood that the contents of network data in transit can be decrypted. MCX is working on implementing a solution.

If no-one has contacted you then your servers are not vulnerable.
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