Sep 19, 2017
Donation to the Leiden Medical University Centre (LUMC)

Annual donation and contribution to the knowledge economy
Every year MCX donates a certain amount of money to charity. It is up to their employees to suggest the charitable organisations, following which the budget is split between them. By the same token, MCX's objective is to contribute to the Dutch knowledge economy by investing time in education to better align education to business needs.

Donation to the LUMC
MCX have donated to the LUMC due to something that has happened in their immediate environment. The LUMC are the only medical centre in the Netherlands doing research into CADASIL disease. Their main purpose is to obtain more accurate knowledge about CADASIL and to develop a drug for this disease.

CADASIL is a relatively unknown hereditary cerebral vascular disease, caused by an error in the genetic code (DNA). Due to this error, blood vessels stop making the notch3 protein, causing the cells to lump together and thicken. The damage that this causes to the vessel wall, blocks the flow of blood to the brain and thus its oxygen supply. At a young age, CADASIL patients often suffer from strokes, psychiatric issues, physical paralysis and dementia.

The disease has a significant impact on the family - children of a CADASIL patient do not only see their loved ones’ regress, they also face a 50% chance of inheriting the disease themselves. The exact number of people suffering from CADASIL is not known. However, the LUMC knows that the illness is a worldwide phenomenon, with 176 cases registered in The Netherlands.

With their support MCX hopes to give CADASIL patients a future!


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