Aug 01, 2017
ISO 14001 / CSR

MCX is an organization that strives for quality, continuity, objectivity and satisfied customers at all times. This takes place in the world in which we all work, live and recreate. MCX has also set itself the goal of minimizing the environmental footprint and made it part of their policy. This has led to certification of ISO 14001 and CSR performance ladder level 3.

The following points help to minimize the environmental footprint and are included in MCX's policy:
  • Maximum use of green current
  • Separation of different types of waste
  • Recording of waste streams
  • CO2 neutral business
  • Cooling of the internal serverroom by using outside air
  • Protected emergency equipment including emergency provision in case of leakage
  • Videoconferencing system to reduce mileage
  • Stimulate the use of public transport
  • Limit car use by working at home
  • Consciousness of fuel consumption for employees
  • Encourage purchase of "green" cars
  • Energy-efficient office workplaces
  • Stimulate paper retardation
  • Disposal of old hardware for recycling.
In addition to the above, MCX uses the following points that also contribute to corporate social responsibility (CSR):
  • Annual donations for charities that focus on technology, human and the environment
  • Possibility of annual sponsorship sports association of (children of) employees
  • Looking for jobseekers with a distance to the labor market
  • Supporting education through, for example, the provision of internships
  • Stimulate a good balance between work and private
  • Provide a good workplace at home
  • Do honest business
  • Stimulate personal development through training and mentoring
  • A clear code of conduct with focus on respect, openness and honesty

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