Oct 31, 2017
Launch self service solution Gisgo

In a rapidly changing world, it is important to adapt to these changes as smooth and swift as possible. One of the goals of MCX is to assist our customers as much as possible by helping them to manage and tune their application optimally in order to meet end-users requirements.
In our opinion, a self-service solution is one of these solutions. This solution allows customers to perform a vast number of operations, where MCX Service Desk interference is not required. Customers can use the MCX Service Desk functionality at their own leisure and pace. MCX has already done some extensive testing of this platform during a pilot for a few customers. They have responded positively and therefore MCX has decided to roll out this platform for all our customers at no additional costs. The platform carries the name Gisgo and supports the following actions:
  • Requesting file versions;
  • Retrieving trace files (including the corresponding tkprof);
  • Overview and status of environments;
  • Stopping and starting (parts) of the application;
  • Run SQL scripts directly on the database without access to the server itself;
  • Overview of when the environment has been cloned (refreshed) and when the next clone will be executed. 

When designing the platform, we always choose a form of personalization, both in terms of rights and functions. It is possible to specify who has the rights to execute actions in the application. Furthermore, we can create customer specific functionality that can be added to the platform.
The main advantage of this platform is that it allows our customers to execute actions at any time and any place without interference of a MCX Service Desk employee resulting in the faster execution of the for mentioned example tasks.

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