Mar 17, 2015
Oracle EBS 11i will be remaining on ‘Sustaining Support’ level for 1 more year

As of December 1st 2013 Oracle EBS 11i ( has moved to 'Sustaining Support'. This implies that no more updates, patches, security and data fixes will be created. There will also be no more functional developments for this version of the E-Business Suite.

Even more important is that this level of support will not have updates of third party software certified against it anymore. Such as browser versions, operating system updates and java client updates for example.

Oracle has temporarily extended 'Sustaining Support' to support Severity 1 issues until 31st of December 2015. These are issues which have severe impact on the availability of the application. This extra level of support on top of 'Sustaining Support' will be obsoleted as per January 31st 2016.

If you are on Oracle E-Business Suite and the application meets your business needs nothing may change on short term. But there are certainly risks on mid- to long term when remaining on this version:

1. In case desktop or laptop computers within your organization will be upgraded, for instance the operating system, browser software or the java client, this may affect the functioning of E-Business Suite.
2. Because of the freeze that is needed to keep the current situation as-is, both at server and desktop level, security of the environment cannot be guaranteed.

If these are acceptable risks for your organization no further action is required.

Both MCX and Oracle do advise to upgrade to Oracle E-Business Suite 12.1.3 or 12.2 before the end of the 'Sustaining Support' period.

Should you choose to do so, MCX will be glad to assist you.

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