Aug 22, 2016
​Oracle EBS Enhancement Request (ER): Signon Profile Options

One of MCX' clients would like to tighten up access to their Oracle EBS application by enhancing the custom use of password complexity. At present Oracle EBS relies on Signon Password profile options for this. However the profile option "Signon Password Hard To Guess" implements a fixed set of three password complexity rules, which unfortunately cannot be adjusted. These rules are:

- The password must contains at least 1 letter and at least 1 digit.

- The password must not contain the Oracle EBS login name.

- The password must not repeat characters.

The last rule in particular could cause difficulties and may not be desirable. As an alternative the profile option can be set to "Signon Password Custom", however, this demands a Java class customisation for password validation purposes, for which specific Java knowledge is required.

The client in question submitted the following Enhancement Request (ER) with Oracle Support:


This ER requests a more refined and declarative setting of the password complexity rules in Oracle EBS. We believe that this bug could be relevant and desirable for other Oracle EBS users too. Oracle Development will only undertake to implement an ER Bug if a considerable number of customers express a similar need. We would therefore like to bring this ER to the attention of our Oracle EBS customers.

If you would like to see this functionality implemented as well, we recommend you submit a Service Request to Oracle support specifying that you want to be included in Bug 22974501.

If you have questions or comments you can contact our MCX headquarters on +31 55 5260 670. 

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