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HEUG EMEA 2018: the year of Integration & Student Cloud

HEUG EMEA 2018, the biggest event for Oracle users, took place this year on 9 and 10 October in Antwerp. HEUG is the international user group consisting of Higher Education Institutions that use Peoplesoft Campus Solutions. The turnout of this year's event was even higher than last year, with over 175 visitors from more than 35 worldwide education institutions, stretching from Cambridge to Pretoria (South Africa) to Amsterdam. Besides the latest technical developments, the needs of students, teachers and other users of Peoplesoft Campus Solutions were on the agenda, around the central theme of how to keep the Oracle technology connected, now and in the future. This year, the focus was on GDPR, the possibilities of Fluid and self-service. What was special about this event, was the perceptible willingness to help each other through knowledge. We too, as a sponsor, participated in sharing and acquiring knowledge.

Two important developments highlighted during the event were the integration of different systems and the future of Campus Solutions. The integration of different systems is becoming increasingly important, which is why extensive attention was paid to the different methodologies to integrate on-premise applications with cloud-based applications. The future of Campus Solutions as a Student Information System and the future of Student Cloud as its successor were also high on the agenda. At this moment a lot of work goes into Student Cloud. Oracle pointed out that its current functionalities do not yet cover all the needs of the Institutions. Yet, the Cloud-version already seems more user-friendly in look & feel than Campus Solutions. Oracle will continue to add more functionalities to Student Cloud until it is a mature application. Up until then, Campus Solutions will be further developed, to the great satisfaction of its current users, who are still enthusiastic about the possibilities.  The introduction of Fluid, which makes the screens more user-friendly, is a welcome addition.

During the event we took the opportunity to talk to users about version 9.2 and the technical challenges of the upgrade, the cause of performance problems and the day-to-day management of Campus Solutions. These conversations confirmed that the technical management is considered a specialism for which our role at HEUG EMEA was appreciated. Several institutions were interested in our services based on the experiences of other educational institutions.