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MCX adds Primavera to its application portfolio

MCX has recently extended its application portfolio with Primavera, which means they can now manage this application for you. Primavera is an Enterprise Project Portfolio management software and was launched in 1983 by Primavera Systems, Inc., the company that was taken over by Oracle in 2008. The software includes project and product management, collaboration and monitoring capabilities and integrates with other enterprise software, such as the Oracle E-Business Suite. 

This software was previously installed "on-premise", i.e. on the client's servers, leaving the management of the software to the client. However, Oracle recently introduced a SaaS version of Primavera, which makes its management easier for the customer. And although it appeals to many organisations, a SaaS application is not suitable for everyone. One of its disadvantages, for example, is the location of the data, which may be outside of The Netherlands. This is why Primavera is now also offered as a service in a private cloud, meaning that the customer keeps control over the lifecycle management of the software and the location of the data. The private cloud solution can be described as the "best of both worlds" – there is no need to worry about hosting, technical management or security, but the control over its functionality is guaranteed.

MCX has since welcomed its first Primavera customer. The expectation is that the private cloud solution of this client will go live in the first quarter of 2019. We will definitely keep you updated in one of our next newsletters. Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you have questions prior to that.