We are tremendously proud of our client portfolio.
Each and every one of our customers is satisfied with our technical management of their Oracle application(s).
Do you want to be included in this impressive list of references? Please don't hesitate to contact us.
...MCX is a partner who reacts quickly
- Medisch Centrum Haaglanden
...MCX always adopts the customer's perspective
- Welzorg
...“The cooperation with MCX is experienced by the municipality of Rotterdam as very good and in terms of atmosphere as pleasant. This is partly due to the professional, proactive attitude and the high level of knowledge of the employees of MCX”
- Myriem Bouaddi, Teammanager Oracle ontwikkeling, afdeling O&P
...The biggest advantage when outsourcing hosting and management to MCX is that everything just works
- Stolt Tankers
..."MCX remains true to its specialty. This is reflected in the level of knowledge MCX employees have about Oracle. Pure expertise."
- Martin Geerders, manager ICT-services bij AVR