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Of course, agreements you make must be clear. After all, you have certain expectations for the final result. Converting these expectations into concrete agreements not only ensures clarity, but also that we can fulfill them. Nobody is faced with surprises and that ensures good cooperation.

A fixed price per month and a fixed point of contact

Excellent IT management every month for a fixed price. That way you know what you are getting but also what the costs are. These are fixed from the moment you conclude a contract with MCX. This prevents a lot of discussion about additional activities. These actions are always included in the price.
Because it is nice to know who you are dealing with, MCX always works with permanent technical contacts. The knowledge of your application, but also the customer-specific details can be kept up to date. Your permanent point of contact also offers extra support and service, and you can contact him or her with all your questions.

Service Level Agreement

All agreements made about the technical management of the Technical applications at tactical level are recorded in a "Service Level Agreement". It states which services we perform for your organization, what the desired system availability is, how quickly we respond in the event of a malfunction and how quickly we have resolved it. Clear, transparent and without surprises afterwards.

Agreements and Procedures

We also make working agreements and draw up working procedures with each other at an operational level. The work agreements state what the content of the daily activities is. These are activities such as backup procedures and cloning procedures, but also how and when patches are installed and the course of a migration procedure. We record these agreements and procedures in a file that we call "Agreements and Procedures".