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The province of Drenthe uses the outsourcing of the technical Oracle management to MCX as a textbook example

More than four years ago, the province of Drenthe decided to outsource the technical management of its Oracle databases and applications; their main objective being to guarantee continuity and gain efficiency. After a thorough European tender process MCX was selected. Four years later and the task has again been awarded to MCX for the coming years. Time to take a closer look at this story.
Four years ago the province of Drenthe entered a new era: the ICT department wanted to outsource the technical management of the Oracle databases and the E-Business Suite. As the province's first large outsourcing project, a new era was heralded. "It caused quite a stir", says Lammert Elema, team leader Information & Automation at the province of Drenthe. "For the first time we handed something big over to others."
Cold feet
“It didn't go unnoticed that many of our colleagues were concerned, mainly around the continuity and quality of our Oracle systems. Their reluctance was understandable. One of the things we did to address their concerns, was to involve our colleagues as much as possible in the definition and specification of the tender requirements. As such we tried to create the widest possible support", says Lammert.
The choice fell on MCX
At the time, many parties - large and small - responded to the invitation to tender. The choice fell on MCX. Not only did MCX comply with all of the listed requirements, it also proposed very competitive rates. Lammert: "In the invitation we specified that we were looking for a true partner, not a standard supplier. Of course MCX answered that question perfectly, but the proof of the pudding is in the eating, and MCX more than lived up to our expectations."
Intensive and successful cooperation
For four years the cooperation with MCX has been intensive. Lammert: "We continuously held each other accountable. What went well? What didn't? And what could we do to improve the technical management? We believe that this attitude towards each other has been crucial to the success of this outsourcing deal. MCX and the province of Drenthe don't have a standard client-supplier relationship. We consider MCX as an extension of our ICT department. It is equally important that MCX looks into the future and anticipates market developments. This is their strength and allows them to advise us proactively."
Efficiency and continuity improvements
“The outsourcing of the technical management appeared to be an outright success”, continues Lammert. The province achieved a considerable increase in efficiency. Due to the outsourcing of the technical management, specialist personnel are no longer required and continuity has been guaranteed. "Simply the fact that we no longer need to worry about the absence of a technical Oracle manager is a great advantage. When considering the increased pressure on technical management caused by incessant developments in the ICT market, we can state that the continuity has improved. We work in a very stable Oracle environment."

MCX as a textbook example
The advantages of outsourcing are not only reflected in the increase in efficiency and continuity, but also in the way the province of Drenthe looks at the outsourcing of services, which has shifted 180 degrees. To put it even stronger, the province uses the outsourcing to MCX as an example within the organisation as proof of the success of outsourcing. Lammert: "The cold feet our colleagues had have disappeared completely. The fact that the outsourcing of such an important service went smoothly means a lot. Something we are really pleased about."
MCX selected again

Following the four-year contract the province of Drenthe launched another Europe-wide invitation to tender. For this tender MCX turned out to be the best partner as well. It is expected that the province of Drenthe will continue to develop as a professional service provider, who together with its suppliers, will guarantee the agreed quality and always satisfy the needs of its customers. Lammert: "Based on the experience of the past years, I'm confident that we will continue our successful cooperation with MCX for an optimal technical management of the Oracle platform."