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In the rapidly changing world it is important to be flexible. Our goal is to keep your IT moving with these changes. It is important that the management of your applications is as close as possible to the wishes of the users and the current requirements. A self-service solution also fits within this development. This makes it possible to perform technically complex actions at the touch of a button.

In the self-service portal called Gisgo®, the following actions can be performed:

  • stopping, starting and cloning environments;
  • get file versions and trace-file/tkprof;
  • fetch files;
  • change APRO and EBS password;
  • installing custom work;
  • executing SQL.

With Gisgo® you as a user have access to tools that previously required (technical) knowledge and expertise. Because actions can be scheduled within Gisgo® and unsubscribe via email or SMS, the self-service portal offers the flexibility to perform these actions at any time without the intervention of MCX.

Any questions about Gisgo® or how to use it? Then approach your contact person within MCX or send us an email at