Change of telephone numbers for reporting malfunctions

As of August the third, we have changed telephone numbers for reporting malfunctions. Peoplesoft users are given their own number for reporting faults. The telephone number for international users, +31 10 - 429 33 81, will be canceled. These users can now call +31 55 799 80 16 to report faults.


Certificates expired

On Saturday 30th May, two certificates expired: the 'AddTrust External CA Root' and the 'COMODO RSA Certification Authority'. Both are intermediate certificates that are used worldwide.


Critical vulnerability in Oracle E-Business Suite. Patch is necessary

MCX recommends that the same patch implement the SameSite Cookie in the Oracle E-Business Suite. This makes your environment less prone to cross-site request forgery (CSRF). There is a patch for both EBS 12.1 and 12.2 available. More information can be found at:


​IT Outsourcing: from adolescent to adult

The term outsourcing was born in 1981. In those days we didn't yet think about outsourcing our IT management or IT infrastructure, but focused on the outsourcing of our generic business processes instead.


MCX welcome Allseas Group S.A. as a new customer

MCX have recently concluded an agreement with Allseas Group S.A. for the management of their Oracle applications. This does not only involve the Oracle E-Business Suite environments but also the Oracle applications running on Allseas' vessels.