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The new MCX office building

MCX is growing

MCX is growing! At the beginning of last year, a start was therefore made with the plans to realize a new office building. In collaboration with Van der Linde Architecten, plans have been developed for a beautiful, spacious, modern and, above all, sustainable building.

Growing need for more space

Due to the development that MCX has gone through and which we want to continue even further, there is also a need for a different working environment. We have long been looking for opportunities to grow from our current office. Ultimately, the choice to go for completely new and sustainable turned out to be the best. That decision brought another challenge: 'What would be the best location for a new office?' And to be honest, there were quite a few requirements. For example, the location had to be in Apeldoorn, preferably not too far from our current hideout. We also wanted a location that should be easily accessible by public transport, so within walking distance of the station. And in a prominent place that would allow us to increase our visibility, was secretly on our list too!

Since early 2006 there has been a piece of land lying fallow that also had a suitable zoning plan. That lot had to be ours! The plans that we had drawn up in the meantime have been received very positively by the municipality and the aesthetics committee. It was therefore not difficult to be able to buy the plot from the municipality. Even applying for the permit for the new building went smoothly.

The construction company started construction at the beginning of June. Another new episode in the project with which we will provide Apeldoorn with an innovative and spectacular office building! An impression of which can be seen below.