Werken bij MCX Zoeken
The new MCX office building

Update new office - What you see is what you get

The construction of our new office building, which is currently being built on the corner of Deventerstraat and Quarles van Uffordlaan in Apeldoorn, is being built in its own unique way. For this design, industrial construction was chosen. This means that everything, the construction and also all the technology, comes into view. Nothing is hidden but everything is shown correctly. So it is rightly said: 'What you see is what you get.'

No ceilings are installed in the office and that presents a challenge for the toppers of Bouwreus. For that reason, all cables and pipes have to be incorporated into the floors and that is still quite a puzzle in the structural work. This precise placement is necessary so that the cables and pipes are placed in the wall and not next to it. Normally, all the piping is tucked behind the ceiling, but because everything is in plain sight, it must be placed completely symmetrically. Now, when installing a pipe, it is not possible to choose the shortest route, but it must be carefully considered in advance where it will be used.

Delivery of the frames is delayed, but to prevent further delays, it has been decided to make the windows wind and watertight with reinforced plastic for the time being. This temporary solution ensures that the inside of the building can become dry. It is important that the concrete dries naturally to prevent cracks. As soon as the top floor has been completely closed, a hot air cannon can be placed that will provide extra drying and heat. The latter is necessary because the walls contain tin and if the mercury were to reach the freezing point, these walls can no longer be processed because the hands of the Construction Giants would freeze to them.