A happy Alliance

From February 26 to March 1, 2023, the Alliance took place again and MCX sponsored this event. Our colleagues Jean-Francois Bloem and Bjorn Verheij were present to gain knowledge of the latest developments in the field of PeopleSoft Campus Solutions.

After several years of absence, MCX was finally able to join the HEUG Alliance again. This HAPPY event took place this year in Saint Louis, a city in the state Missouri in the central United States. And the trip to the other side of the ocean has not been in vain!

In addition to meeting new customers, we also spoke to existing customers. For example, we had nice conversations with employees of InHolland, the University of Amsterdam and the University of Pretoria and also with the board of the HEUG and the DEUG. But we have also strengthened contacts with Cy2 and Visions, MCX's partners.

An extensive program was put together with a large number of interesting sessions that we attended. For example, we have received information about:

  • ElasticSearch Real time indexing: The PeopleSoft Search Framework uses data indexed in ElasticSearch for search and analytics. Real Time indexing ensures that data on the search server is updated as soon as an application transaction is saved. This ensures that there are no inequalities between the data in the PeopleSoft database and the indexed data in ElasticSearch;
  • Accelerate PeopleTools Upgrades: We've come up with some ideas that will help us reduce downtime during a PeopleTools upgrade. We will soon start testing with this;
  • Load stress testing using Jmeter and Selenium;
  • Strategies related to applying Oracle Critical Patches.

All in all, a very successful and educational Alliance that we look back on with great pleasure!