Work at MCX Zoeken

Read here why Chris thinks we should be more proud of our work

"Because we tend to think; 'Just act normal, you'll be crazy enough', I feel we are not proud enough of the achievements we make." This could be quite different, according to Chris, controller at MCX.

We are administrators so we operate in the background and are almost invisible, even though customers really appreciate us and our work. We work very hard and achieve great results, something to be proud of!

The fact that we value sustainability at MCX is something I can totally relate to. I see it as a challenge to limit the impact on the world around you. At MCX, we lead the way in this without propagating it. So with our fully electric fleet, a location within walking distance of public transport and an office building that is the greenest building in Apeldoorn, we can say that MCX is very sustainable.

The fact that MCX is a true family business ensures strong values. The focus is on promoting the values of 'doing business honestly and being transparent'. This means ensuring good employment practices and a good working atmosphere, even in times of growth. The human aspect is a driving force. As a result, employments are long-term; colleagues do not leave MCX lightly.

At MCX, career paths are not set, you determine them yourself along the way. In a way, you determine your own career. You have to be able to deal with that, because it does require responsibility for your own development and success. There is certainly enough support here to work towards those personal goals. So you are not alone!