Work at MCX Zoeken

The demands Mark made on his new job

"For myself, I had made a list of what I would like in a new job and especially what should be different. When I came to MCX for an interview, I was able to tick off the items on my list one by one."

It was important for me to become part of a team with colleagues doing the same work so that I was no longer responsible for the entire workload on my own. It is also important for me to feel secure enough to be able to say 'no' in case of a tight schedule. And not having to be available 24/7 anymore was also definitely a must. Because I wanted to choose for myself this time, MCX is a perfect match for me!


I definitely recognise that the core value 'Security' is important for this company; I work on this every day. This is because we have customers who work with special personal data and this has to be handled carefully. In addition, our service level is very high. MCX does not work for the customer, but with the customer. You notice this because the contact is more informal and low-threshold. As a result, I experience customer contact more as an extension of my team than as contact with another organisation.

I thought it was very cool that after 1.5 months of employment I was called in for a meeting with a customer where an Oracle delegation was also present. There were as many as 30 people in the meeting room. There I was asked for my opinion.  A great moment where my knowledge was appreciated and put to immediate use.

For the future, I have set myself small goals so that I can learn a lot and that means asking a lot of questions! It takes a year to settle in and I am giving myself that time. As long as I see that tasks are added and progress is made, that motivates me to continue. Important in this are tasks that you can do independently at some point, and there are more and more of them!