Work at MCX Zoeken

Tim talks about the confidence he gets at MCX

The freedom to organise my own work and the responsibility that comes with it suits me well. I got used to this during my internship and now I don't want to leave.

I like to think about the problem and possible solutions to complex issues for customers, spar about them with my colleagues and then, either by myself or together, work on the best option. But future-proofing our own IT landscape is also one of my tasks. This ensures that you have to think just a little bit further than the short term. Precisely because we have a large landscape, the impact of changes can be big.

'Honest business' is a very important value to me and MCX fortunately does too. Because clients have 'fixed price' with us, I can work with my colleagues on sustainable solutions without worrying about the number of hours. We can then use those solutions for multiple customers. That way, we work on quality and efficiency.

The short lines within this company help create a good atmosphere. We treat each other very informally and the basis is trust, which I really like. I appreciate the colleagues who exchanged their sleep for counting down to my birthday during our annual MCX weekend. That very much characterises the togetherness at MCX.

Despite it being 'normal' to work from home here, my advice to my new colleagues is to come to the office every working day in the beginning. The chats at the coffee machine yield a lot, such as information about a new customer or a tender. And besides, your presence contributes (faster) to the togetherness feeling I described above.