Work at MCX Zoeken

ROC Rijn IJssel

"The professionalism of the MCX team deserves a huge compliment"

In 2017, the ROC Rijn IJssel decided to place the Student Information System (provided by Oracle|PeopleSoft Campus Solutions) in the Cloud at MCX. This included the overall infrastructure management and the technical (application) management. In this project, it was essential that the end users of the system were not aware of the transition. "The physical relocation of the application and infrastructure to MCX was completed satisfactorily", tells Hans Vieth.

"We were the only ROC still managing the PeopleSoft Campus Solutions on site", Hans Vieth, policy officer of student affairs, continues his story. "For all those years it was fine, but we knew we were vulnerable. Several attempts had been made to extend the technical management but that turned out to be an uphill struggle. "Finding a good technical manager within the salary ranges of the government is challenging. On top of that you are explosed when they leave the organisation." With one of the two technical administrators soon retiring, Rijn IJssel partnered with CY2 (an Oracle PeopleSoft Campus Solutions consultant) for them to oversee the functional and technical application management. To guarantee 100% quality in terms of hosting, housing and technical management Rijn IJssel, through CY2, got in touch with MCX.

Han continues: "CY2 had good experiences from working with MCX for other clients. I knew MCX already. From the other ROC's working with Peoplesoft I hear only good feedback".

Professional team
Although going live passed largely unnoticed by the end users, many of our IT staff had frequent and intensive contact with MCX. "Always very professional. The project leader had everything under control and the rest of the team knew exactly what to do. The professionalism of the team was noticeable, in the joint meetings and subsequent actions. "A pleasant way of working, which forced us to be more process oriented, ultimately delivering better quality".

Now that MCX have taken over the hosting and technical application management, the ROC Rijn IJssel can count on security. "We are less dependent on holidays, pension or any other form of absence in our technical management team. And, that provides a nice sense of security." The plans of Hans Vieth for the future? "This year we plan to upgrade the PeopleSoft Campus Solutions application. I'm confident about this project too. MCX employees are true professionals who push themselves just that bit further. They deserve a huge compliment."