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Happy marriage between the Gelderse Vallei hospital and MCX leads to Oracle E-Business Suite performance improvement
When the Gelderse Vallei hospital deepened its cooperation with MCX, the significant performance and continuity improvements of the Oracle E-Business Suite were noticeable immediately. The warehouse, purchasing and finance departments in the hospital started to benefit from a reliable and fast system. Vincent te Koppele, Head of ICT and Rien Neijenhuis, Senior Finance employee of the Ede-based hospital talk about the cooperation with MCX.
Long-term cooperation
“Our Oracle history goes back to 2005 when we first purchased the Oracle E-Business Suite", says te Koppele. "A prerequisite in those days was that the system had to run on Windows because of our in-house knowledge of this operating system, which wasn't a problem according to our supplier back then. Although we were relying on our own servers, we had been in contact with MCX regularly, given their specialist Oracle knowledge. That is how we got to know them as proper specialists."
Not a happy marriage between Oracle & Windows
In the end, the marriage between Oracle E-Business Suite and Windows didn't last. The hospital regularly had continuity and performance problems. "The system needed to be rebooted often, was slow or didn't work at all." In 2012 the Gelderse Vallei hospital had to migrate to a new version of Oracle E-Business Suite, which became the main reason to outsource its technical management to a third party. Ultimately the hospital chose MCX. "The main reason was the fact that they were offering their services jointly with Bridging Solutions, which was acquired by KPMG in 2013. The combination of MCX and Bridging Solutions (now part of KPMG) appealed to the relevant application administrators and ICT colleagues. And, today that is what we base our choice on: support."
Technical management and hosting of the Oracle applications
When MCX assumed the responsibility for the technical management of our Oracle-systems, their first advice was to transfer the operating system to Linux.  Te Koppele: "Within the department we often discussed whether or not to change to Linux. When MCX took over the technical management this no longer was an issue, which gave us a peace of mind." He continues his story enthusiastically: "Bridging and MCX organised the upgrade and migration to the new operating system simultaneously. The project took approximately one year in total, whereby most of the time was spent on its functional transition. You can imagine that we tested endlessly to see if all data would be left intact after the transition. We're talking financial figures, so it had to be correct and include all decimals. From a technical point of view MCX's responsibility was far easier."
Easy work
"Because MCX ensured such a smooth migration, it seemed almost as if it were easy work. But, appearances can be deceptive. In-depth specialist knowledge is required for a transition to be implemented smoothly. Let's not forget that." Various departments benefit from enhanced performance and continuity. The results are worth writing home about. Staff from the warehouse, the finance and purchasing departments and the largely 300 people ordering across different departments, hardly experience any nuisance. "You could almost say that the problems we used to have in one week, are now spread over two years. In other words, the end users waste less hours, work more efficiently and, of course, with less frustrations. We are very pleased with such positive results," says te Koppele.
Happily married
If it wasn't for the bad marriage between Oracle eBS and Windows, the successful relationship between MCX and the Gelderse Vallei hospital couldn't have developed. Vincent te Koppele and Rien Neijenhuis comment: "We are pleased about the cooperation with MCX. Unlike with the big guys in this world, we have frequent and direct contact. That works really well. The short reporting lines and the non-bureaucratic attitude of MCX in particular appeal a lot to us. This is also reflected in the collaboration between MCX and KPMG. We give each other three-way feedback, and are receptive to this. This is not only a pleasant way of working, it also benefits the final quality of the Oracle E-Business Suite and our services."