CAK also opts for the services of MCX

In October 2021, the CAK issued a European tender for the technical management of the Oracle Health Insurance application.

Technical management Oracle Health Insurance

The Oracle Health Insurance Back Office System (OHI for short) supports the most important administrative processes of health insurers, such as claim processing, policy administration and healthcare purchasing. Because MCX has a great deal of knowledge of OHI and is also specifically designed for IT management, this tender has been submitted. We are proud that the CAK has selected MCX to carry out this process. This allows us to add another new customer to our database.

In the coming years, MCX will take care of the technical application management of the OHI platform, the Oracle Service Bus and all Oracle databases. A number of projects have also been defined that will be carried out by MCX during the contract period.

About the CAK

The CAK is a public service provider that carries out regulations for the government and ensures the translation of laws and regulations into personal and comprehensible service. With clear and easy-to-find information, the CAK provides customers with insight into and an overview of their personal situation. This allows each customer to make the right choices independently.

Due to the arrival of new tasks in recent years, the CAK has grown into one of the largest implementing organizations in the care and welfare sector in the Netherlands. In addition, the CAK occupies a central position when it comes to managing financial and administrative processes and maintaining contacts with care recipients.

The CAK office is located in The Hague.