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Interview with De Volksbank: “MCX is always in the think-along mode”

From the very first meeting with MCX, Joep Risseeuw, Delivery Manager at de Volksbank, has been impressed. "I immediately saw that MCX listened carefully, thought proactively and asked about the right points." Fortunately, that good feeling lasts, because after more than a year after this first meeting, Joep Risseeuw is still satisfied with the collaboration.

Technical management Oracle Financial Services

De Volksbank is the parent company of SNS, ASN Bank, RegioBank and BLG Wonen and has more than 3.2 million customers and more than 3,000 employees. This makes the company the fourth largest bank in the Netherlands. As Delivery Manager, Joep Risseeuw is responsible for the continuity of approximately fifty ICT applications and systems. One of those applications is Oracle Financial Services, a financial package with ledger, debtors and creditors, of which MCX takes care of the technical management.

Business-critical application

“It is extremely important that the availability and continuity of this system is guaranteed,” says Risseeuw. “It is not a system that our customers deal with directly, but it is business critical because we use it as our general ledger. It is a key application in our reporting to regulators, such as the ECB and the Dutch Bank. This is also important for retaining our banking license, for example. ”

The think-along mode

MCX understands the urgency outlined by Risseeuw like no other. By providing proactive and honest advice, MCX is able to unburden de Volksbank. Joep Risseeuw even coined his own term for this. According to him, MCX is always in "think along mode". “If something is wrong, the MCX team always responds adequately and quickly. They identify and advise and continuously think along with us, always with the interests of our customer in mind. We are very happy with that attitude, because it has created a close relationship of trust. MCX always does what it says and promises. ”

Goals and result

The target within de Volksbank is that the Oracle Financial Services application should be available 97 percent of opening hours. According to Joep, this is more than met: “Of course we prefer to have 100 percent complete continuity and that was also achieved in the past year. Partly thanks to MCX, the integrity, confidentiality and availability of the application and data are guaranteed. And that is an excellent result. ”

Reliable and friendly

According to Risseeuw, the secret of the successful collaboration largely lies in the aforementioned MCX think-along mode. “As a result, I always feel taken seriously as a customer,” he says. “But it is certainly not only that. MCX is a reliable and friendly supplier. We work very well together and that is reflected in the results. I look to the future and our close cooperation with full confidence. ”