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MCX and Van der Linde Architects build greenest building in Apeldoorn

IT manager MCX is building the most sustainable building in Apeldoorn. The ultramodern office building, designed by Van der Linde Architecten from Deventer, scores 'excellent' on the BREEAM certification and therefore meets the strictest sustainability requirements. And perhaps even more important: it creates an iconic building on Deventerstraat.


Many passers-by will blink their eyes at Deventerstraat in 2022. An ultramodern office building is being built on the vacant lot in the Welgelegen district, offering a new home to IT manager MCX. The building is characterized by striking green facades, large transparent windows, exuberant use of natural elements and an impressive inner garden. A design that was enthusiastically received by the municipality, the wealthy and local residents. Because of its appearance, but also because the MCX office will literally and figuratively become the greenest building in Apeldoorn.

The new office scores 'excellent' according to the BREEAM-NL, a certification method for a sustainable built environment. And that is an exceptional score in this region. “This is partly because we use efficient installations, sedum roofs, solar panels and natural materials such as wood,” explains MCX owner Johan van Veen. "But also because we offer enough bicycle parking spaces, are within walking distance of public transport, offer shower rooms and minimize the number of driving movements during construction, work with electrical equipment and handle construction waste responsibly."

The BREEAM certification is a costly undertaking, but important, says Van Veen. “We always do things a little differently. Sustainability has been central to our business operations for years. From facilitating working from home to electric driving and involving people with a distance to the labor market.' The new office gives MCX the appropriate appearance. ‘A building that the environment likes to look at and that provides inspiration, creativity and collaboration among employees. Ultimately, we just want to have a nice place where people want to be.”

Piece of green
The same applies to Van der Linde Architects. “Nowadays you have to give people a reason to come to the office and spend 8 hours a day there. We do this by creating a warm, lively working environment.' And the striking appearance of the building gives MCX the face it deserves, says Van der Linde. “IT management is an abstract, intangible product. With the striking and transparent design we show MCX and its employees to the world. The abstract product thus comes to life. In a piece of greenery in the middle of the city.”

MCX and Van der Linde Architecten expect the new building to be completed in mid-2022. For the coming years, this building will be able to facilitate the growth of MCX, but sustainability means looking ahead. The architect designed the building in such a way that it can be used for other purposes in the future, such as housing.