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TOPdesk live at MCX

TOPdesk is a tool that allows you to spend less time registering reports and more time to provide improved services. Read more about the start of MCX with TOPdesk here.

TOPdesk will be live at MCX from December 1st

With this service management software we are going to make our services even better. This allows us to give our customers a good overview of all their tickets and we also offer forms that are easy to fill in to generate tickets. By using TOPdesk, we improve cooperation with our customers and increase efficiency.

The TOPdesk portal has been developed so far to handle the following requests:

  • Incidents
  • changes
  • Service Requests

In the coming months, we will gradually connect several customers to this new portal. This happens gradually because many manual and one-off settings per customer are required to set up TOPdesk. In the future, we expect to be able to further automate these one-off settings, entirely in line with MCX's motto: you can automate everything you have to do twice.

Links with other Service applications will come at a later stage. Customers are informed in good time before they are connected to TOPdesk.