Werken bij MCX Zoeken
The new MCX office building

Take a look around the new building

As of this week, the holiday period is over and that means that we can work on our new building again. Although the outside already looks quite complete, there is still plenty of work to be done on the inside.

The painters have rolled up their sleeves and are busy painting the walls and ceilings. The luminaires are fixed to the ceilings and to the walls, which determine the arrangement of the light.

The air conditioners will also be installed soon. And we desperately need it, especially on such hot days like today! The floor covering is largely installed on the different floors. The floors that are now concrete will be covered in this beautiful print this week and next.

Work on the outside of the building has also resumed. For example, the pavement of the parking garage has been completed and the men are busy applying the golden horizontal and vertical bands to the facade.

The provisional delivery is scheduled for Friday 16 September. 'Provisional' because experience shows that there are sometimes setbacks, which means that this date must be handled flexibly. But we are definitely going to start working in our new office this year!