Work at MCX Zoeken

Anton talks about the impact MCX is making

Anton has been working for MCX since 2018. He started as Service Manager and since 2023 he has also been working as Team Leader. 'Through old-fashioned word-of-mouth advertising, I found out about MCX's existence.'

I then looked up the necessary things about the company and talked to former colleagues who had already made the move to MCX. I wanted to work for a somewhat smaller organisation with a no-nonsense culture but one that makes a big impact. We do this by providing solutions in our customers' complex IT landscape. 

What I like about working at MCX is that when I pose a question for help to my colleagues, I am actually helped. Of course, this is an interaction. Because MCX is not very big, it creates a natural cooperation; after all, you cannot ignore each other. As a (Young) professional, you receive tailor-made training and personal guidance here. This makes you a real part of the organisation. MCX can offer students a great start to their career by looking at their strengths and suitable positions. In addition, the company is also very flexible; you have the freedom to make choices, which can be decisive for the performance of your work.

It is also special that at a company based in Apeldoorn, as many as 7 colleagues come from Groningen and 2 from Drenthe. Starting your working day together in the car a few times a week is also great fun! As working from home is the standard here, you are welcome from all directions. 

I understand that name (un)prominence is a thing for MCX. Our organisation is still quite unknown while we are a big player in the field of Oracle management in the Netherlands. In short; small in size but big in the things we do! Within the ICT /Oracle world, we do have fame. 

Feel free to drop by to get acquainted. the coffee is ready!