Work at MCX Zoeken

Bert is aligned with MCX's values

"For me personally, it is less important what the content of my work is but important in which environment I work, the atmosphere has to be right and that is certainly the case at MCX!" Tells MCX colleague Bert with enthusiasm.

If you want to earn money fast then I would advise you to go to another company, we don't work with targets here. Also, the opportunities for advancement at MCX may be slightly more limited than at large organisations but there are many other advantages here; the positions here are broader and responsibilities greater. If you enjoy broadening or deepening your technical knowledge, MCX is the right place for you. 

Moreover, I want to be treated the way I treat others. This is also the director's vision and you notice it at MCX. This honest business makes it easier in contact with customers. They know we are reliable. I wouldn't want to work at a company where honesty is an unimportant value. The trait of loyalty also comes to mind when I think of MCX. This is a trait I see in my colleagues. Everyone is equal here, no one is more important than the other.

I have fond memories of the adventures we had on the outings we had in the past. Do you also enjoy making new memories with us?