Work at MCX Zoeken

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Bernard has been with MCX since 2002 and talks about his experiences at MCX. "A long time ago I worked as an Oracle applications administrator at a company in Almere where I really enjoyed myself, although the travel distance started to bother me."

Through a good acquaintance, I came into contact with a company in my hometown of Apeldoorn, which ran Oracle applications. MCX was still very small when I started, with only four colleagues working there.

The real pioneering we had no longer happens but the atmosphere of building and creating is fortunately still there. There is plenty of room for new initiatives and they are appreciated. You just have more colleagues to convince of your ideas now.

What I like about working at MCX is the accessibility of colleagues. There is a lot of willingness to help each other and to become better together. That we, as colleagues, come up with something and that we as a company grow from that, that's what excites me. An example is the cloning tool Dolly for automatically refreshing test environments, which I built and am still adding new features to.  And also the management portal Gisgo, which gives customers more control over their environments. Together with two colleagues, I was able to build this into an indispensable building block of business operations - that feels like pure magic.

Working for many different customers on very diverse systems is a plus. This variety ensures that there is plenty to learn and that the challenge remains. In fact, I find it important to keep developing so that I don't come to a standstill.