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Catharina Ziekenhuis

MCX supports Catharina Ziekenhuis with extensive and innovative Oracle E-Business Suite upgrade

MCX has been the hosting and management partner of the Eindhoven-based hospital Catharina Ziekenhuis since the Oracle E-Business Suite implementation in 2005, which today is run on a Private Cloud. More than a decade later their cooperation has evolved into a particularly interesting and challenging project. Besides the extensive upgrade of the Oracle E-Business Suite, the hospital planned to implement new functionality. Please read the below report about a successful, yet intense project.
Upgrade of the Oracle E-Business Suite
One of the most important challenges on the agenda was the upgrade of the Oracle E-Business Suite. It was not just an upgrade because the hospital went from version to the most recent version R12.2.5. This made the hospital one of the very first in the Netherlands to work with the latest version, which was a challenge in itself, as at that point in time MCX had little or no experience with bugs or teething problems. And that was not the only challenge the management partner was facing: it had to implement a database upgrade from 11.2.04 to as well. All these activities fell within the scope of the project.
Successful process
Based on past best practices MCX launched the upgrade project. There were two iterations in total, each followed by a sanity check. The checks focused in particular on customisations and interfaces, as well as the standard functionality. The migration was scheduled to take place on a weekend. And so it was done: the migration was launched on a Friday afternoon and at noon the following Sunday the system was live. The entire upgrade was completed in only four months, when MCX usually plans at least six months for similar projects.
After going live
After an intense period of three months, a one-month aftercare period began, with no special issues to report. MCX can look back at a successful upgrade, that had been completed within a relatively short period of time. It would not have been possible without the full commitment of the Catharina Ziekenhuis. Many of its staff had been made available to help test the application and the hospital didn't hesitate when rapid decision-making was required. The hospital also speaks positively about the project. Harald van de Pol, manager of Healthcare Intelligence at the Catharina Ziekenhuis commented positively on the cooperation with MCX: "They were always easily available and proactive in their thinking. We were informed of urgencies as and when appropriate." It goes without saying that MCX is very proud to receive such a fine compliment.