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Groene Hart hospital outsources hosting and technical management of Oracle E-Business Suite to MCX's Private Cloud
In 2011 the Bronovo-Nebo, LangeLand and Groene Hart hospitals, together with the Haaglanden Medical Centre, decided to build upon the synergy between the hospitals. One of the decisions was to select a single ERP package. The ERP systems of the Haaglanden Medical Centre and Bronovo-Nebo hospital, the Oracle E-Business Suite, seemed to be the most appropriate to share with the other two hospitals. It was exactly at that time that the collaboration between the Groene Hart hospital and MCX started. Paul Besseling, Senior Buyer, and Ewout Lasschuyt, functional manager, of the Groene Hart hospital comment on the cooperation with MCX.
End of Life old ERP system
Paul Besseling: "Before the collaboration between the Bronovo-Nebo and LangeLand hospitals and the Haaglanden Medical Centre started, we were working with an old ERP system whose service contract was about to expire. As a result, the timing of the collaboration with the other hospitals was perfect - we had to transfer to a new system anyhow. The Haaglanden Medical Centre and Bronovo-Nebo hospital already worked with MCX - to everybody’s satisfaction. We therefore decided to outsource hosting and technical management to MCX, and transfer the new environment to MCX's Private Cloud." 
Complexity of hosting and technical management
A second reason drove the decision to outsource the technical management. "Simply because it would have been too complex for us to keep the technical management in-house. We use the Oracle E-Business Suite for purchasing, logistics and finance, and it is used by roughly 350 people on a daily basis. A specific example: if the system were to fail, our patients would be in immediate danger. You could imagine what would happen if, for example, the operating rooms were short of supplies. In other words, this type of work must be dealt with by a specialist", says Ewout Lasschuyt.
New contract
As part of this collaboration, all hospitals were given their own "identity" in the Oracle database to prevent them from being able to see each other's data. However, the other three hospitals could make use of the design and setup implemented for the Haaglanden Medical Centre and Bronovo-Nebo hospital and quickly start using the functionality. Meanwhile the status of the collaboration between the hospitals has changed. Haaglanden Medical Centre and Bronovo-Nebo hospital have merged into one hospital, while the LangeLand hospital decided to cease collaborating. This meant that two years ago the Groene Hart hospital renewed their contract with MCX on an individual basis. Paul Besseling: "We were and are so satisfied with the service provided by MCX that we don't see any reason to consider an alternative."
Satisfied with MCX
The question as to what provides this satisfaction is answered decisively by Ewout: "MCX's knowledge and expertise is good. We're in weekly contact and I never need to explain in detail what is happening. They immediately get to the bottom of the matter. What I also appreciate about MCX is that they always get proactively involved. And, their response time is short, thanks to the practical dashboard MCX developed, and recently updated. This dashboard provides an instant overview of all service requests: new, open and closed. Very clear."
Oracle Cloud?
When talking about future collaboration between MCX and the Groene Hart hospital, both Paul and Ewout foresee few changes. "Oracle regularly contact us about the transfer to their own cloud. But we don't see any reason for this. The Oracle E-Business Suite now sits in MCX's Private Cloud. And, for the time being, it won't go anywhere else, simply because we're very satisfied."