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Lekkerkerker opts for ease of service and maintenance by MCX
Lekkerkerker is a specialist in the rental of road plates, dragline planking, drive-on ramps and construction fences. This family business, which started as a demolition company, has existed since 1905 and has been located in Rotterdam since its inception. The company employs a staff of 14 of which 7 are working in the office, and 7 in the field. The daily operations of Lekkerkerker are run on the Oracle E-Business Suite, which is hosted and managed by MCX.
From Guilders to Euros
"We have been working with the Oracle E-Business Suite for a while", says the current director Hans Stockmann. "When we changed from Guilders to Euros, our old ERP package couldn't support the currency change - too much customisation was involved. We therefore transferred to the more generic Oracle system at the end of 2003."
The choice for remote
It was Centric who put Lekkerkerker in contact with MCX. For a long time MCX managed the system remotely - the hardware being owned by Lekkerkerker. But, when the hardware was due to be replaced as its capacity problems increased, the question was raised to outsource the hardware too. Hans Stockmann: "The advantages of outsourcing, which meant no more worries while making cost savings, were so interesting that we chose not to purchase new hardware. Instead, the Oracle E-Business Suite runs in MCX's Private Cloud. Up until today we welcome the ease of service and maintenance."
Smooth collaboration

Hans Stockmann is very pleased with the collaboration. "The transition to the Private Cloud was smooth, the entire transition only took a few weeks. If there are any questions or problems, MCX staff are always available, even out of hours." There haven't been any major problems during this steady collaboration; everything runs smoothly. "MCX actually is one of those partners you only see when it's time to pay the bill", Hans Stockmann says jokingly. "But in this case, it is a huge compliment. It simply means that everything works the way it should."